One conversation our team of consultants often have with clients relates to data migration. Clients are eager to move data to make information easier to find and establish and enforce information governance – but the very idea of moving volumes of information strikes fear in the hearts of many. What if the migration is done incorrectly? What if something goes wrong and the information is lost forever?

We look at migration as critical to any organization that hopes to take better control of information. Moving data from disparate file shares and bringing information into SharePoint offers a number of benefits. The idea of migrating volumes of data to a new repository may seem overwhelming and scary, but the benefits associated with migrating data to SharePoint can't be overlooked.

By bringing data into SharePoint, you can organize information in a way that makes critical data easier to find. You have the ability to establish permissions and governance over business-critical information. And now, with Office 365, having information in SharePoint empowers teams to collaborate, co-author, and enables knowledge workers to be able to easily locate information when they need it. As organizations move file-shares (P: Drive) to SharePoint, they'll discover just how good SharePoint "search" is. With tagging and indexing in SharePoint, you'll find what you are looking for… fast!

Our team of experts understand how to help clients prepare for a migration. We have written a series of blogs on this topic and we are pleased to offer a couple free infographics that outline Migration Best Practices and Kiefer’s Migration Methodology.

We also have a free 30-minute webinar called “The Building Blocks of a Successful Migration” that can be viewed on demand. It’s loaded with good information and migration best practices.

Download the infographics / See the webinar


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