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Modernize DMV Operations With Intelligent Automation

Every day, the Department of Motor Vehicles must process millions of applications, titles, liens, and other documents to respond to constituent requests and keep operations running. To keep up with demand, the DMV is upgrading their existing document processing workflows with the latest in AI-powered intelligent automation. Forward-thinking agencies at all levels are looking beyond OCR, RPA, and other legacy technologies and turning to intelligent automation to increase throughput without sacrificing accuracy. Join Hyperscience’s Sami Begg on Thursday, September 9th for a live webinar and discover how the DMV can modernize operations with intelligent automation.


1.How intelligent automation can augment existing automation investments to minimize manual intervention, improve resource allocation and speed up constituent response times.

2.How to leverage Machine Learning to improve throughput without sacrificing accuracy.

3.What to look for in your intelligent automation solution to set the DMV up for long-term digital transformation success.

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