Experimentation, at a low cost and high speed, is essential to IT innovation. When the ability to experiment expands, the risk of failure decreases. Lower risk enables greater experimentation and greater experimentation yields better results. And better results translate into transformative services for government and its citizens. Read how governments can take advantage of the launch of T3 instances in twelve AWS Regions below: We launched the t1.micro instance type in 2010, and followed up with the first of the T2 instances (micro, small, and medium) in 2014, more sizes in 2015 (nano) and 2016 (xlarge and 2xlarge), and unlimited bursting last year.

Today we are launching T3 instances in twelve regions. These general-purpose instances are even more cost-effective than the T2 instances, with On-Demand prices that start at $0.0052 per hour ($3.796 per month). If you have workloads that currently run on M4 or M5 instances but don’t need sustained compute power, consider moving them to T3 instances. You can host the workloads at a very low cost while still having access to sustainable high performance when needed (unlimited bursting is enabled by default, making these instances even easier to use than their predecessors).