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Office 365 Security Assessment: Cloud-Based Peace of Mind

Planet Technologies offers a comprehensive security assessment engagement designed to tackle all things security in Office 365.

You’ve unleashed the Microsoft cloud, ushering in a new era of collaboration and productivity for your organization; or maybe you’re just starting to think about Office 365 and the myriad of benefits it offers. When Uncle Ben told Spider Man “With great power comes great responsibility” he could have been talking about Office 365; how will you know you’ve secured you data, access, devices, and identities properly?  


Planet Technologies offers a comprehensive security assessment engagement designed to tackle all things security in Office 365. Starting with baseline configurations and covering everything from Office 365 Groups to Secure Score best practices, this engagement will empower your organization to embrace Office 365:  

  • Office 365 Security Baseline provides built-in policies, controls, and systems to help keep your information safe. It is important to understand the underlying security, compliance, privacy, and transparency built into the Microsoft cloud.  
  • Office 365 Security and Compliance Center configuration gives you a single view into controls to manage the spectrum of O365 security, including threat management, data governance, search, and investigation. Planet provides best practices, configurations, and potential future implementations to help bolster your security and compliance.  
  • Identity and Access Management constitutes the core of a modern security strategy for organizations leveraging cloud-based resources. Empowering collaboration while maintaining robust security controls is a delicate balance, Planet gives you all the tools, configurations, and recommendations you need to accomplish this equilibrium. 
  • Managed Mobile Productivity ensures your users can maximize their collaboration and mobile productivity, while integrating comprehensive security controls across Corporate-Owned and Bring-Your-Own Devices.  
  • Information Protection means retention, compliance, data loss prevention, and sensitivity classification in Office 365. This is a rapidly changing landscape that Planet will help you navigate and adhere to your organizational requirements.  
  • Office 365 Groups are the foundation for collaboration in Office 365, leveraging shared permissions across multiple applications. Getting the most out of Office 365 Groups while remaining secure is an integral part of Planet’s engagement.  
Ready to have peace of mind in Office 365; knowing your applications, data, and identities are secure? Contact planet today! 

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