Multi-faceted complexities materialize on any given implementation, especially on large IT projects. Many of these complexities stem from having little or no resources allocated for Organizational Change Management. Naturally, questions arise from these complexities: How do we deliver effective end-user training with no allocated funds? How can I ensure buy-in?

When OCM is overlooked it often results in a “One Size Fits All” approach to rollout. The result? When implementation begins, it becomes all too apparent that staff is not prepared to accept the system as it was designed.

Although some resistance to change is normal, we have discovered that when we add ‘Mentoring’ to our OCM process, satisfaction across our client’s organization is attainable and implementation has few, if any, interruptions. Mentoring is an imperative piece of OCM.

Mentoring, Trinity Technology Group Style

To avoid costly disruptions, our model is to place an OCM Mentor Team alongside a project’s staff. Working in tandem with the project team, the OCM Mentor Team drives a number of tasks, including:

  • Planning project approach,
  • Determining potential pit falls,
  • Mentoring through change management,
  • Assisting in other areas deemed necessary by the project staff.

Who is it? It’s Our Dream Mentoring Team

Our mentor teams are tailored to meet any combination of skills necessary to meet the needs of a project. Our team members have backgrounds in large state agencies and experience in implementing large IT systems (i.e. Offender Management Systems, Electronic Health Record Systems, and Patient Scheduling solutions). We assign staff with specialties to each team in view of how their particular skills will serve the project.

Having someone who has been where you are, and done what you are getting ready to do, helps overcome challenges that may not have been anticipated.

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