As you prepare your organization’s cybersecurity regulations and strategies for FY2016, PTP and CA Technologies invite you to join us for a security workshop where we will focus on how to best identify threats and protect your network. This interactive session will discuss how to create a more secure cyber network, with 100% personal identity verification enablement for all employees and contractors’ privileged users, and how to tighten privileged user policies, practices, and procedures, including:

  • Best-Practices around Advanced Authentication & Single sign-on
  • Taking inventory and validating privileged account scope and numbers
  • Minimizing the number of privileged users
  • Limiting the duration and functions that can be performed when using privileged accounts, as well as remote access

Additionally, managing privileged identities has always been a challenge, but today there are new best-practices that address not just physical servers, but virtual services, VMware NSX, Amazon Cloud, and Microsoft Office 365. 

We will discuss how traditional authentication and authorization defenses against fraudulent access attempts have only temporarily stopped cybercriminals and have made it harder for legitimate users to do business. Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on can be a powerful combination to mitigate the threat of data breaches while providing a convenient user experience, but is that enough? What happens if credentials are stolen? What can be accessed during the session? These are an example of some of the questions we will answer in this security workshop.

We look forward to you joining us!