Snowflake Data Champions Meetup

Featuring Joy Bonaguro and Kimberly Wienzierl

Welcome to a New Season of Data Champions!

Using and sharing data more effectively has become the mission for government organizations. Visionaries like Joy Bonaguro, California Chief Data Officer, and Kimberly Wienzierl, Tennessee Chief Data Officer, are leading the way in navigating the complexity of infrastructure, tools, processes, and skills to collect, share, and leverage data effectively and responsibly.

Register today for the February Data Champions “State Government Data Strategy” to hear how states are addressing data challenges while leveraging the potential of the Data Cloud to better serve citizens.


About Data Champions

Data Champions is the meetup group that brings together data-driven professionals in government and industry who want to increase their data knowledge and share expertise and perspectives.

This monthly program features a robust group of data analytics and IT modernization experts from the government community. Data Champions is unlike any other meetup you’ve attended. No slides, no formal presentations—just sharing of best practices and examples of leveraging data as a strategic asset. Data Champions is moderated by host Nicholas Speece, Chief Federal Technologist, Snowflake.

Register today to join the conversation on Thursday, February 18, from 1p-2p PST.

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