Do you have a fear of missing out (FOMO) on the latest advances in productivity and collaboration that could help your organization work more efficiently? If so, you are not alone, with the shift to cloud-based services, change is moving at the speed of light. Some of the new technologies are so revolutionary they are hard to conceptualize, let alone keep up with.

What if many of your organization’s business challenges could be solved by Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration offerings? What if you already own these technologies and just aren’t using them? The Microsoft M365 suite of products are designed with security and compliance controls built-in, so you can be assured when implemented properly, these productivity tools will keep your data safe.
Sounds great, but where do you start?

Partner with Planet Technologies and start tackling your organization’s challenges by embracing the latest technology with confidence. Productivity and collaboration engagements showcase the dynamic nature of these technologies:

  • Utilize Microsoft Flow to automate complex business processes including; GIS and accounting, workflow approvals, employee feedback and annual review processes, compliance documentation and more.
  • Business Intelligence reporting with Power BI can showcase extensive data sets, analyze pipelines and review performance with a single pane of glass for executives and stakeholders.
  • Enable secure collaboration with Microsoft Teams, both internally and externally with multi-layered compliance and regulatory controls.
  • Leverage mobile device and application management to allow users to access their organizational data from an array of managed and personal devices.

These are just a few examples of engagement options offered by Planet Technologies to take you to the next-level no matter where you are now. Why wait to take advantage of the tools you already own with Microsoft 365? Planet Technologies can take you there.

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