Planet Technologies, already the premier Microsoft Cloud deployment vendor for the State of California, was again selected as the Microsoft State and Local Government Cloud Partner of the Year at last week’s Microsoft Public Sector ISU (Industry Solutions University) conference held in Washington, DC. This 2016 award marks the 3rd straight year for Planet Technologies as the exclusive Cloud Partner of the Year for all of State and Local Government.

Planet’s Cloud award for 2016 is due in large part to the fantastic partnership fostered with the State of California through the Department of Technology and through thought-leading agencies such as CNRA and CHHSA. Over 20 State entities have already selected Planet for not only ensuring a successful technical deployment but also for ensuring long-term user adoption through business-driven requirements, training at all levels, and ongoing post-deployment support. Planet’s award validates the decisions and forethought of the many State entities who selected Planet to ensure their Microsoft Cloud deployment success.

“With the State of California’s commitment to move all email to the Microsoft Cloud combined with Planet’s long-established commitment to successfully taking customers to the Microsoft Cloud, this has been an unparalleled experience for us at Planet,” said Clayton Cobb, Vice President of Western US at Planet Technologies. “The strong leadership from Amy Tong, Chris Cruz, the Department of Technology, and from agency leaders like Tim Garza along with the exceptional technical aptitude and motivation from engineers has made this the fastest-growing and most successful government cloud transition I’ve yet to witness. California taxpayers would be proud to see how State IT is performing in this venture.”

State of California boards, offices, departments, and agencies all have direct access to Planet Technologies through CMAS, MSA, and many Microsoft funding programs that Planet has special access to. For more information, please contact Clayton Cobb at or by phone at 631-269-6140 (w) / 202-413-3036 (m).