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T-Mobile Mobile Internet can help your California agency thrive

Government teams need enterprise-grade security and reliable connection to equip employees with connectivity where the business of government takes them. At T-Mobile for Government, we get it.

In California, all signs point to a continuation of remote work across state and local agencies—many employees appreciate the flexibility, while leaders have been vocal about the importance of telework moving forward.[1]

If the state plans to continue investing in hybrid office and remote infrastructure, reliable, fast connectivity will be table stakes.

At T-Mobile® for Government, we know that running programs, serving and protecting citizens, and keeping the wheels of government moving aren’t always predictable processes. We also believe that you deserve some certainties, including reliable access to internet.

Here’s what we believe agencies and departments should factor in when assessing their mobile internet options: 

 1.      Powerful connectivity

You need to know that the teams you support will get fast speeds and reliable connection when and where required.


T-Mobile offers both 4G LTE and 5G Network Hotspots built to deliver quality connectivity and leading-edge 5G and 4G LTE performance. The Inseego 5G MiFi M2000, for example, features 5G speeds on both the Un-carrier’s Extended Range and Ultra Capacity 5G network—plus 4G LTE when needed.[2] With typical download speeds between 36–133 megabits per second, latency generally between 24–40 milliseconds, quick-charge technology, and the ability to connect up to 30 Wi-Fi-enabled devices at once, everyone from remote state employees to first responders can rely on mobile internet solutions powered by T-Mobile.[3]


2.      5G coverage

5G delivers more than faster speeds—it can transform how people collaborate, how emergency teams communicate real-time information, and how programs scale to meet the needs of citizens through innovative use of technology.


Not only does T-Mobile bring America’s largest, fastest, and now according to umlaut, most reliable 5G network, but we’re also putting our unconventional thinking to work as we improve network[4] performance and pursue advanced and next-generation services. Our Extended Range (low-band) 5G covers 305 million people over 1.7 million square miles—2x the coverage of AT&T and nearly 4x more than Verizon. With robust coverage in California, your agencies and departments can expect 5G in more places.[5]


3.      Security and control

As of late 2020, reports concluded that instances of intrusion, fraud, or damage by malicious cyber actors on state and local government systems had risen an average of almost 50% since 2017.[6] Important work takes place on California state employee laptops, over email, and on video calls.


Government teams need enterprise-grade security and reliable connection to equip employees wherever the business of government takes them. At T-Mobile for Government, we get it. Our MiFi is a well-protected, mobile Wi-Fi solution that can connect a team of co-workers or serve as a guest network. Additionally, your IT organization can easily manage MiFi deployments throughout your corporate networks with cloud-based mobile device management solutions.


4.      The right kind of experience

Whether your department is large or small, centralized or dispersed, you want to be sure that your connectivity partner knows what it takes to support your specific needs. T-Mobile for Government does—and our experience backs that up, connecting over 600,000 students in California with access to virtual classrooms at all levels of learning.


5.      No surprises here: Price

At T-Mobile, we understand and respect the fact that you want to make the best possible use of resources to better serve your state. Traditional landline technology like Centrex and other PBX solutions are among the biggest telecom budget line items for states like California. With departments across the state considering stipends to help remote workers offset their internet expenses, our mobile internet solutions offer a better option to ensure quality connectivity and control at a comparable price point. T-Mobile also includes totally free kitting, staging, provisioning, asset tagging, custom labeling, and delivery to multiple locations.


T-Mobile for Government is committed to helping your agency or department accelerate innovation to create powerful connectivity solutions for California—from its employees to its citizens—with mobile internet solutions that work for your team.

For more information on the T-Mobile network, visit For additional information on T-Mobile for Government solutions, please visit If you’re interested in a proof of concept, please contact your Government Account Executive—or call (877) 386-4246.


[4] ​Most Reliable: According to independent third-party umlaut from crowdsourced user experience data (January to July 2021). Fastest: According to Opensignal Awards based on average speeds (USA: 5G User Experience Report July 2021). See 5G device, coverage, & access details at

T-Mobile provides innovative government wireless & mobility solutions to help the public sector stay connected, secure and responsive, even during an emergency.