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Tek Yantra's Collaboration with the State Departments on the Digital COVID Vaccine Record System

Over 1 million people have access to a secure Digital Vaccine Record Portal since the voluntary system has launched. Tek Yantra's proudly announces the collaboration with the California Departments of Technology and Public Health in the implementation process of DVR.

Tek Yantra is already collaborating with the California Department of Technology, providing services including site reliability engineering. The unexpected pandemic surge hits the State of California shore and during these tough times Tek Yantra facilitated the State in the implementation of the Digital COVID'19 vaccination portal. This portal is a voluntary system that provides every vaccinated Californian who requests one with a digital version of their vaccine record that also functions as a SMART health card. While developing the SMART health card for residents, our diverse and passionate team stayed true to our mission of "Empowering technology to better serve the public.” California residents now have access to a digital copy of their COVID-19 vaccination record that is protected and readily accessible. It serves as an official record in the same way that your paper vaccination card does. The data in your digital record is derived from the California immunization registry database.

Tek Yantra implemented a cloud infrastructure to collect data through an application called DVR (Digital Vaccine Record), which is built on Microsoft Azure. Authorized users can update and retrieve records from the backend Snowflake application using this DVR application. Moreover, the State of California has benefited from a convenient check on the status of resident vaccine records via this application.  It provides the most recent data on the total number of records that have been vaccinated.

The state of California has recently entered the SMART health card framework race and has been overwhelmed by the response. Tek Yantra team designed and implemented the end to end infrastructure services to support this application on Azure Cloud services for the State of California. So far, we’ve made significant progress with Azure Cloud-based infrastructure services and have implemented corporate best practices. Tek Yantra is working on a multi-cloud initiative that will allow other state governments to use the DCVR in their preferred cloud, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.

Tek Yantra continues to assist various state departments in the development of a number of cloud-based, highly scalable web applications. Its framework and long-term solution plans are currently assisting state departments in maintaining their COVID'19 Vaccination Record website, allowing them to increase efficiency, cut costs, and increase their bottom line. We are here to provide the best consulting services and are proud to offer cloud-based SaaS and PaaS solutions.
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