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The functionality that underpins the operation of the State of California's highly trafficked public websites

California State is the world's tech capital and home to the world's leading technology catalysts, with Silicon Valley's tech behemoths and a booming entrepreneur society attracting talent and capital from all over the world.

It's no easy task to serve as the state's primary technology provider in the United States. The California Department of Technology (CDT), which has over 140 departments and 200,000 employees, not only keeps state departments up to date on the latest technology, but also ensures that over 39 million Californians have easy access to public health and emergency services information.

Among the other states' public websites, California's are among the most advanced and userfriendly. California's public websites are steadily striving to incorporate new technologies into their departments in order to provide residents with secure access. California's IT work culture is being modernised by incorporating open source and becoming more agile. On the other hand, Tek Yantra Inc is a SB and Minority-owned business which is honored to work with California state departments to provide timely services to the general public.

Considering the top visited public websites are none other than:

The California Department of Technology is committed to collaborating with state, local, and educational enterprises to deliver all aspects of digital services, cultivate modern and effective business solutions, and ensure the security and reliability of state government IT projects.

Digital Transformation is always on the table for the California State Department's big initiative to ensure quick development and depolyment, and for that reason, the state of California had to move to automation tools like Terraform and Ansible, which aid in the building and management of infrastructure in an organized manner.

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The Department's goal has been to modernise their infrastructure to support on-demand software development and delivery for several years. For several years, lead engineers copied and pasted code from their desktop to the server, then spend valuable time maintaining the data center's servers. Because of the current pandemic situation, much faster development and deployment of solutions is now required. Every second counts in an emergency or national disaster, including the time it takes for a website to load.

CDT has benefited greatly from the recent transition from on-premises infrastructure to infrastructure as code. The team would successfully pull the code to the CDT repository, work it out, and monitor it since Microsoft Azure DevOps was used as a hosting environment and its code is maintained in GitHub. After a developer committed to the code, it would be wrapped up in a continuous integration build, which involves constant team collaboration and iteration, before being released to the website via an automated release. Adapting agile framework helped them build quickly and any changes can be seen in a matter of minutes. This method has enabled the team to produce mission-critical code, applications, and websites in a fraction of the time previously required.

As seen during last year’s devastating fires, Public Safety Power Shutoffs, and the COVID-19 pandemic, residents are surprised by the effort of government website delivering all the solutions in a quick and speedy manner. The downtime of the important websites like ,, and are literally zero.
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TekYantra Inc is pleased to announce its partnership in assisting the public and private sectors in making these websites available to the general public at all times through their IaC services.
Tek Yantra inc. is serving majority of the VIP, most visited high user volume top 10 public websites of California in 2019,2020, continued in 2021, We provide multi cloud-based solutions for applications to serve millions of concurrent users with five 9's availability and with zero downtime updates, no more wait for infrastructure, our frameworks and processes enables you to deliver the complex cloud Infrastructure in hours. we can give interim solutions and road map to long term solutions that