Tony Carrero, Enterprise Systems Manager, manages a 9-person team focused on maintaining security, durability, and availability across UOP’s infrastructure. Prior to Rubrik, the university experienced several issues with its legacy data management solution, including prolonged restore times and complex, timeconsuming policy management.

“Our previous solution was difficult to use; you essentially needed a bachelor’s degree in the software in order to administer it. I was worried that our admins could never take a vacation because the rest of the team wouldn’t know how to restore in case something happened,” said Carrero. “We evaluated another vendor, but ended up choosing Rubrik due to a simpler licensing model and innovative vision around data management.”

UOP is protecting their 90% virtualized environment with Rubrik, including Windows, SQL, Linux, SharePoint, and VMs. Benefits include:

Near-zero RTOs: “Previously, it could take hours to restore a simple VM, which was unacceptable. Restores take seconds with Rubrik.”

90%+ management time savings (65 days per year of added productivity): “Previously, we had two employees spending 8-12 hours managing backups. With Rubrik, that’s been reduced to virtually nothing, resulting in 65 days per year of added productivity. We have about 400 projects that we’re working on, so any time we can give back to our team is invaluable.”

Streamlined reporting with Polaris GPS: “With Polaris GPS, we can view our entire environment through a single pane of glass and easily pull utilization reports from a central web console.”


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