Who doesn’t love having an ah-ha moment? Change for organizations and individuals can be difficult, and in the world of technology, change is certain and frequent. Planet Technologies offers a full range of user adoption support to help your organization through technology changes. We can help your users experience that ah-ha moment when it comes to adapting to new technologies. That moment comes when your users realize that change is coming, but they are going to be supported and prepared for the change ahead! 

Change management is often remembered as an afterthought on many projects or sometimes completely neglected. However, change management is critical when organizations undertake major projects where success is largely dependent on individual adaptation and adoption.  

Without change management organizations risk an overwhelming number of calls to the help desk, failed adoption, and the return of old behaviors. Change management can reduce these risks by increasing organization readiness, flexibility, adaptability, minimizing the learning curve, and increase adoption speed. 

This graphic illustrates the 3 steps necessary for successful change management:  


When properly applied, the change management process increases the likelihood of successful adoption of new technologies. Need help getting started? Contact Planet today!  


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