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Work Securely From Home: Micro Focus NetIQ Advanced Authentication Trial

As employees work from home, companies can strongly secure access with a FREE unlimited trial of NetIQ Advanced Authentication, from Micro Focus

In recognition of the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed a significant number of our customers to expand their remote working model, we would like to help you with a proven option to respond quickly. If your organization needs to secure remote access using multi-factor or another strong authentication requirement, Micro Focus is providing an unlimited trial of a full version of NetIQ Advanced Authentication.  


This COVID-19-specific license enables the use of all Advanced Authentication features through July 31, 2020. Organizations can connect this trial to secure their users coming in through VPN, RADIUS, web portals, etc., as well as any internal security requirements they may have.  


The implementation of this specific trial of Advanced Authentication will vary depending on your environment:


  • If you’re a current Advanced Authentication customer and merely need to expand its use, simply update your license file and you’re ready to enroll as many users as you need into your current environment. Note that you might need to deploy additional authentication servers to handle new locations or bandwidth requirements.
  • Organizations that don’t have Advanced Authentication in place today now have access to the appliance edition, which is designed for quick deployment and configuration. While the deployment of the appliance is straightforward, you will find some tutorials on the download page.
Download trial here.

Please contact Account Manager Michael Tabor at  for more information.


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