Founded in 1850, Yuba County is one of California’s original 27 counties and is located in the state’s Central Valley region along the Feather River. With a population of over 76,000 people, residents enjoy relaxed living and affordable housing with proximity to ocean beaches and mountain skiing. Yuba County is also home to Yuba Community College, which offers opportunities for higher education and personal enrichment. Paul LaValley, CIO, oversees an 18-person IT team serving 850 county employees. “Protecting our data and providing disaster recovery capabilities is vitally important to our IT strategy,” said LaValley. “All of the county’s departments, including public safety, law enforcement, and social services rely on our systems for their IT needs. Loss of our data, especially at critical times of the year (election season, tax season, etc.), would make it impossible for the county to function effectively.”

“Our county encompasses a wide diversity of geographical features that can pose serious risks to our infrastructure,” said LaValley. “We are located at the foothills of the Sierra Mountains and have three major river systems flowing through the county. Many municipal facilities are situated at lower elevations, making them susceptible to flooding from those rivers. We are also downriver from the Oroville Dam, which holds over a trillion tons of water. In addition to the flooding concerns, Yuba County is also impacted by the threat of wildfires.”

“In 2017, we experienced a spillway crisis with the Oroville Dam that triggered a failure evacuation and led us to take a hard look at our disaster recovery preparedness,” said LaValley. “Data loss would have serious repercussions from a state funding perspective and our only protection was replication between data centers. We wanted to implement an efficient cloud backup and recovery solution that also addressed our on-premises requirements.”

“Our trusted partner, ePlus, recommended Rubrik after we had described our issues with our previous system. We have enjoyed working with ePlus in the past and have utilized them for other portions of our infrastructure as well,” said LaValley. After conducting reference calls with other local government customers, LaValley and team chose Rubrik as their data management solution.


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