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California Department of Technology

The California State Lottery is seeking a senior cloud architect, and the California Department of Technology is recruiting for a project director.
Work is proceeding on several fronts to fully plan and sequence projects and ensure supplies are ready, officials said during the monthly meeting of the Middle-Mile Advisory Committee.
“We are building the middle-mile network based on data and opportunities to improve connectivity that will result in reliable and more affordable service in all regions of the state, including hard-to-reach rural and tribal communities and lower-income urban areas,” write the state’s broadband leaders.
The California Employment Development Department’s purchases of IT services rose significantly in number in 2020 relative to 2019 and 2021, but the value of its five costliest such buys has risen consistently each year.
The California Department of Technology disputes many of the findings in a new report from the California State Auditor, the latest in a series of critiques of CDT since 2013. The Auditor offers recommendations for the department as well as the Legislature on how the state should enhance its security practices.
The California Department of Motor Vehicles’ upcoming event, Vendor Day 2022, will be the latest in its ongoing series of direct engagements with IT companies.
“Delivering for all Californians has guided my work, from standing up the Office of Digital Innovation and developing a more user-centered vision for technology in the state of California, to driving vaccine equity, to building more inclusive financial products,” writes Justin Cohan-Shapiro.
As part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2022-2023 Fiscal Year budget, the California Department of Technology would have two major program changes — and, of course, partner with other state entities on IT projects.
It’s far from a final approved act, but Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2022-2023 Fiscal Year state budget would spend millions to continue existing technology initiatives and begin new projects.
In its annual Ovation Award series, the California Department of Technology acknowledged state staffers whose work “furthered” its mission and delivered outstanding service.
State entities seeking candidates include those related to technology, cannabis control, emergency operations and fire prevention.
The California Department of Technology’s purchases of IT goods haven’t grown dramatically by number during the past three years, but the value of the five costliest buys each year has changed markedly.
“In just over six months, more than 20 percent of the vaccinated population in California have downloaded a digital vaccine record,” writes Rick Klau, the state’s chief technology innovation officer.
The California Department of Technology was cited in previous reports by the State Auditor’s Office for its “high risk” security posture.
2021 was a year of pivotal change in tech leadership at the state and local levels. A look back at the headlines in California public-sector technology may reveal more about the future of the state’s IT governance than about the past.
The California Department of Consumer Affairs is seeking help from IT companies in implementing a software solution.
The California Employment Development Department spent tens of millions on IT services this year, much of it with another state entity.
Changes in California’s technology leadership at the state and county levels were among the headlines in 2021 for Techwire readers. Here’s an overall look at key IT executive changes across the U.S.
Individual results may vary, but here are my picks for the year’s so-called top 5 stories – chosen not by their readership or page views but their significance now and in the future.
The California Department of Technology’s five most expensive purchases of IT goods in 2021, through mid-December, were all made with the same vendor, a familiar presence in state IT, and were quite costly.
Available positions include information security officer, IT manager and senior business analyst/architect.
Officials with the California Department of General Services talked about milestones in telework and potential opportunities, at the recent California Department of Technology Vendor Forum.
State Chief Information Officer Amy Tong, who’s led the California Department of Technology for more than five years, is moving to a new executive role in state government at month’s end.
In a request for proposals, the California State Water Resources Control Board is calling for assistance in creating a new data system.
“Leaders of tech companies and government leaders are more committed to cybersecurity than I’ve ever seen. They are taking immediate steps, working to drive collaboration between government and industry, and I believe they have assembled the right team of security ‘rock stars’ to make it work,” writes Vitaliy Panych, California’s chief information security officer.
In a request for proposals, one of California’s best-known and most-used departments calls on IT vendors capable of helping it achieve a key part of an enterprise-level refresh.
The latest California Department of Technology Vendor Forum offered IT companies the latest word on current and upcoming procurements as well as ongoing IT work and process updates.
The section chief will oversee two key teams in addition to managing the budget, monitoring staff work and ensuring adherence to the strategic goals of the California Department of Technology.
The two chief positions — one for transformation and digital stabilization, the other for digital identity — are part of the growth promised by state Chief Technology Innovation Officer Rick Klau, who heads the Office of Enterprise Technology.
State Chief Information Officer Amy Tong and Chief Technology Officer Liana Bailey-Crimmins updated attendees Friday on several far-reaching IT projects and initiatives now underway. They spoke at the Techwire State of Technology California Industry Forum.