Yubico sets new global standards for simple and secure access to computers, mobile devices, servers, and digital accounts, and helps government and industry organizations mitigate cybersecurity risk by securing access to critical business and customer data with high-assurance multi-factor authentication using the YubiKey —  a hardware-based authentication solution that provides superior defense against security breaches and ensures compliance to industry and government regulations. The YubiKey offers strong authentication with support for multiple protocols, including PIV (smart card authentication), FIDO U2F, OpenPGP, one-time password, and WebAuthn/FIDO2, the new open web standards enabling the replacement of weak password-based authentication with public key cryptography. 

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The journey to passwordless authentication

Passwordless authentication is here from Yubico and Microsoft. Read this article to learn what passwordless really means, and how you can get started today.
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How modern phishing defeats basic multi-factor authentication

Read the article to learn how modern phishing attacks defeat basic phone-based MFA, and how hardware security keys such as the YubiKey can help.
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